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Friday, March 31, 2006

A tribute to Bishop Chu Chi Zui

Comrades! I pay tribute today to a man who is a giant in the church. Few catholics could say that they were not influenced in some way by the thinking of Bishop Chu Chi Zui of China.
A prominant Canon Lawyer, Bishop Chu worked tirelessly to improve relations between the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church, and the Vatican, over the course of his 68 years.
Bishop Chu's charismatic way made him highly popular with the Chinese Church. (see picture below)

The bishop's best-selling book, "Confucius, and his impact on the Church in Denmark", was praised by friends and critics alike.

But all of us will simply remember with fondness the man they called "Xipi", which translates to "The Chinese answer to the imperialist running dogs of western theology".

We salute you Bishop Chu Chi Zui!

More on Wikipedia

This Blog rejects totally the outrageous claim that it created a false entry in the highly praised encyclopedia Wikipedia. We have no knowledge who created the entry for Bishop Chu Chi Zui(choochiezu).
The existance of Bishop Chu Chi Zui is known because an entry can be found for him in wikipedia...

Any claim that this article is not genuine is therefore patently false.

Thankyou Comrades...and remember...the truth is OUT THERE!

Read what the experts read!

My comrades, welcome back to our blog, your source of revolutionary zeal!

Comrades, today I wish to pay tribute to an academic journal which has recieved accolades from none less than piper of the A4 blog!

Yes my red friends, it is...


For those of you not familiar with this Encyclopedia for the elite, it is a work which is contributed to by anyone! Yes! At last we can read and digest complex subjects, and if we are offended by what we read, we simply click on edit and change the article!!!!

But perhaps wikipedia themselves say it best...

"Wikipedia (IPA: [/ˌwɪkiˈpiːdi.ə/] or [/ˌwiki-/]) is a multilingual Web-based free-content encyclopedia. It exists as a wiki, and thus is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing most articles to be changed by anyone with access to a web browser and an Internet connection."

At last comrades! An encyclopedia where we can vote on the facts, instead of leaving it to experts who have spent years studying complex subjects!

We salute you Wikipedia, and we rely on you, because Piper relies on you!

The thing on his shoulder

Comrades...the following article came up in the comments section of our blog...

"Anonymous said...
What the hell is that on his shoulder????
7:49 PM
Anonymous said...
Its his pet snake i think, he sits and strokes it while he looks dark and controlling, it is of course, the symbol of the downfall of man, thats why he has got one.
12:14 AM "

This picture has come come to us via the underground however...

He is clearly stroking a cat in this image, as he plots control of the world.

Thus, we can safely go with what we know from that Pulitzer Prize winning blog, the A4.

Here is a Pulitzer(below) so you can get a taste of the dizzying heights to which the a4 have risen.

Continue the Revolution my friends!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The mystery solved!

My comrades!
After much analysis of his image, the A4 have worked out the mystery which has plagued the revolution since its inception...

"Samantha said...
Anonymous said... whats over his shoulder? his purse? 1:10 PM, March 28, 2006 No thats a piece of cloth on his shoulder. This has been carefuly placed there to dry the tears he sheds after reading the blogs. :))'TonY thinks I pick on him and its makes him weep'samantha xx
7:31 PM, March 29, 2006"

Take that Cia!

Here is a picture of a man crying, which we are pretty sure would be exactly what Cia, the Capitalist swine, would look like after seeing this example of the A4's rapier wit!

Fight on A4! The revolution needs you!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A way to stop the "control ray gun"

My friends, comrades, fellow revolutionaries! I was talking to a doctor friend of mine today(pictured right to show he is fully qualified), and was discussing with him the problem of mind controlling cults emanating from the ray guns of the super-villains Jen, Belle and Cia.

Anyway, he was saying he had absolutley no qualifications regarding mind control cults whatsoever, but had read Pipers article lifted from Wikipedia, and so, was willing to give a diagnosis immeadiatly on the strength of that! Oh what a great comrade he is!

His opinion was this...that anyone thinking that they may be under the influence of the terrible trio's ray gun, or any other subtle cultish control techniques via the internet should take what he called "anti-raygun" medications.

The brand Risperdal(pictured above) was the first suggestion he could make. He didnt gaurentee that the waves would stop being beamed through our heads, but said that Risperdal does for most people "inhibit the ability of the waves controlling peoples will".

This is news indeed! We thank the good doctor for giving us the tools with which to fight this menace!

If the risperdal didnt work, he said some victims of the ray gun may use the following technique...

This is a tinfoil hat, believed to work by reflecting the waves from the "ray-gun".

Or, for the canine in your life, lest it too turn on you...

Fight on my revolutionaries!

The hatred exposed!

Comrades in our struggle against oppression and other nebulous concepts we cant actually define...we have more shocking news from the underground resistance!

This, at great personal risk, was given to us by those comfortable enough in their own revolutionary ideals to sit in room 5 and make a thorough analysis of the control techniques of the hideous Overlord Cia...

Here is what our poster says...
"Anonymous said... Maybe I am the only one that has noticed this pattern.CIA posts the members that is to say the rosary after every decade as though he were talking to small children that have no understanding when it’s his or her turn to pray next.
It’s as though he is re-enforcing his control by doing this.Why intelligent people fall for this crap is anyone’s guess. "

Our objective insight into the room continues...
"Laura puts up with all his abuse and I don’t believe it’s out of love of her fellowman that she does this, but more out of fear.CIA is far from a humble man and he really is a bad leader.Pride goes before the fall.
12:10 AM, March 13, 2006 "

At last fellow freedom fighters! Proof positive that Cia hates the people he prays with. Here is a picture below of Cia to confirm the unsupported claims in the post!

Mind Control...the facts!

Welcome my comrades!

This was exposed on the A4 blog, our fellow revolutionaries...

"From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMind control is a general term for anumber of controversial theories proposing that an individual's thinking, behavior, emotions ordecisions can, to a greater or lesser extent, be manipulated at will by outside sources"

Indeed, the a4 have read a Wikipedia article, so are more than qualified to discuss complex issues such as cults! They are great revolutionaries to spend such effort to find the truth and explain it to us, the proletariat!

Another true revolutionary, Stings, adds to our certain knowledge that this trio is controllling peoples minds...regarding cia, she reports...
"For him he know longer knows the difference, chat and control is his very existence."

But many of you are still asking how is it that Belle, Jen, and Cia can control the minds of people who are 20000 Km away from them, and all through an internet connection? Do not let such thoughts trouble you my comrades. We have an answer to this problem!

Yes, my fellow revolutionaries, a ray gun! With this ray gun, each of them can beam waves through the heads of their victims, at any distance. These waves, believed to be some type of EM wave close to microwaves, effect the thinking of the victim, and force them to not ignore the evil trio, and force them to be friends with them for 12 months, and force them to pray the rosary with them, and other evil things.

Of course, in the case of victims on the other side of the planet, an elaborate system of satellites is required due to the earths curvature....

This satellite, one in a series, allows the trio to beam the waves anywhere in the world!

For day to day use, the trio have constructed hand held units. This is required so that their families, friends, and work collegues in the real world who meet them every day, do not see what we revolutionaries see!

With this smaller item, the trio can control minds at close quarters!

I am glad to have cleared up any confusion my comrades. It is not that there is questions over the reports issued to us on the A4 blog, it is only that we haven't yet discovered all the insidious methods used by the terrible trio!

Menace to society

The Dark Lord, as you my faithful comrades know, threatens us all. Here is a picture of him(right) to show you how bad he is...

Many of you believe he may be a satanist, because he uses the name "Dark Lord". You, faithful comrades, refuse to believe that he uses that name to make fun of those who accuse him of everything and anything. Many of you however liked the Shining, so will agree with the posting of this picture.

And so comrades, I shall post a picture of The Omen from the 1970's movie which totally sucked and was not at all to be recommended to revolutionaries such as yourselves, however, will confirm in your mind that certainly as a young man, cia was already gone astray...

More on cults

Since the a4 exposed the cult running in room 5 we thought we would post a picture of Charles Manson(right) for no particular reason but to lead into our story, which is a defence of the magnificent journalistic opus which is the A4 Blog!

Here is another picture of a villain to inflame your anger even more before we continue!

Now dear comrades, since those pictures can't but cause you to go into white hot revolutionary rage, we can continue...

The a4, exposing the lies of Belleatchantry...or, the Duchess of Doom...said this...

"BelleatchantrY attacks gardenia at everY oportunitY she blames her and the A4 for the suicide of some Young life no doubt inflamed bY Kim's blog attack"

they continue...

"She accuses Gardenia of something she had no control over The Judge_MENTAL . Belle at her worst No wonder the FAITH is in danger with people like her setting them selves up as Judge JurY and Executioner."

Now I ask you comrades, is this belle not an evil woman??????????

(See what Belle may look like when being evil on right)

Do you not feel out-raged after seeing Charles Manson, Osama bin Ladan with Burt from Sesame street, and now seeing an unsupported accusation about Belle?????????

However comrades, some of you are murmuring that this is in the comments section...

"gardenia said... the a4 ....I must correct a statement and pray that I offend noone by this correction...belle never accused me of the suicide of Rachel...via Kim's group...and I must give her credit as well as many of the members of the room for making them feel it was a safe haven to come to..."

Comrades...clearly this statement from gardenia has no bearing at all on the original accusation, so let us never mention it again!!!!!!



This is where cia belongs, after one of our brave spies risked all to bring you this amazing revelation...

"Anonymous said...
cialovesyou: I am having a very bad month

cialovesyou: my ear hurts, and my car is broken]

cialovesyou: 4 fines, and now my car is broken

cialovesyou: 1st fine=4 KM over the limit, 2nd fine=3 KM over the limit, 3rd fine=parking in a disabled spot(they have the best spots), 4th fine=overstaying a 2 hour limit


cialovesyou: now my fuel pump shall cost me 400 dollars
1:01 AM, March 29, 2006"

Yes, there we have it, in the master villains own words!

Our spies spend hours, and hours, and hours of their time, getting up for the Australian rosary, which is 4am in the USA, all to bring you such amazing admissions from a truly evil man!

Yes, cia's own words condemn him! He was speeding by none less than 4 km/h! That means to those in the USA; he was doing 62 mph in a 60 zone! Does the depths of this mans evil have a bottom?????

For those of you who are watching chat day and night, recording cia's movements on your running sheet, and copying and pasting everything he says in chat, your country, and this blog salutes you! Dont let any doubts such as "maybe I am obsessed", or "could I be spending my time a little better", or "why dont I just chat instead of worrying what cia is doing"...enter your head!!!

And now the most evil revelation....cia said that the disabled spots are the best!!!! Oh heaven preserve us from this mans malicious mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heavy weight support

At last my friends, the resistance has grown with the addition of an Intellectual! Oh how we need the intelligentsia of society to join us if we are going to stop this menacing trio!
And now we have the help we need!

We shall protect his real identity....

"wolf1930 said...
I am not sure why everyone let cia get to them he's a mental midget .He only picks on the women so he feel better about his self ( ie-feel like a man) Because we all know he can not get a woman to stay with him, making him feel less like a man.So there for he has to try to control them in the rooms.Just a reminder he only has the control you allow him to have we all can control him as well it's called the iggy button.You know outta sight outta mind and getting a mental midget outta our mind has to pretty easy hahaha.Not much challenge here to lose that mental midget.Come on people we are all smarter then cia when we are sleeping,he can only challenge people with his groupies there (ie-Jen and belle )Those two are the only one that are desperate enough to put up with him.What is really sad is he has to pick on people such as Glory who all know is very ill just goes to show what a low life he is.Oh lets not forget how he treats sting,gardenia,layla, who are some of the sweetest ladies I know!!!!!Cia I an sadden my your mental inabilities to live a mans life and defend woman and not attack them. Just a reminder cia Jesus said what you do to the least of my people you do to me well look what you did to the least of his people shame on you.WOLF1930
6:54 PM, March 12, 2006 "

At last, a wit to match the evil ones!

With comments such as ...
"You know outta sight outta mind and getting a mental midget outta our mind has to pretty easy hahaha.Not much challenge here to lose that mental midget."

Who can stand up to such cutting wit?????????

This is a great day for us comrades, we now have the intellectuals on our side!

Continue the fight!


See the artists impression of this evil Duchess of Devastation to the right.

This shameless woman is also working for the control of the free world! She is also British, so she must be evil! How long must we put up with this evil oppressor of peoples? How long will this woman be allowed to continue attacking others, such as the innocent, and highly reputable A4???

We can only hope for deliverance from this evil woman my friends...

A4 exposes the Dark Lord

Yes my fellow freedom fighters, the a4 blog has stated in no uncertain terms what we are fighting for...

"The LaundrY had Your number back then CiaNow the A4 is informed that Youwere sniveling on the mic to mundooiabout how hard done bY You are.Youare the architect of Your own demiseSTOP THE CONTROL !!"

This tells it as it is my fellow rebels! And look at that evil face. Readers, it is clear that this man is set on world domination! This is why he chats! He is hoping to take over the world from chat room 5....we are the only ones who can stop him ! This diabolical plan must stop before the Dark Lord grows in strength. If we dont stop him now, he might start influencing Romance Room 31 before we know it!

I plead with you not give up the fight, or all might be lost!


Here, I hope to expose the evil doings of the one they call the Dark Lord of room 5, and his cohorts Jen, and Belle. This evil trio have suppressed the truth for too long, and now, this quiet voice shall expose the horrid truth for all to see. Stay tuned my faithful under-ground of freedom fighters...